Charting with Thunkable (_followUp)

This post provides resources related to Thunkable charting with ThunkableX and C3JS and/or ChartJS


Thunkable just added the ability to interact with web pages which makes the platform even stronger for someone learning JS or other web-based languages! This was previously possible through the use of API POST/GET calls but now is possible with HTTPS POST as well, and it is super easy to do so! 

Generally speaking, you will add in the code from Thunkable at the end of your Javascript and between your head tags. It adds a listener event that can fire javascript, allowing you to inject user/app-specific data to the page. 

My first use case is for charting. previously, a Thunker would have had to use to produce a static chart image. They were nice but boring. Now, Thunkers can use a web viewer component and customized chart files stored here on Github!

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