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At BA studios, we operate on the notion that information should be free, but if the information is not enough, we are here to help you out!


See our free tutorials comprised of short blog posts and video tutorials

On budget and on time

Fixed prices allow for always staying within your budget.

Fast work turnaround

When you need work done quickly, just ask! Turnaround time could be as little as 24-72 hours!


Information if power. It’s also required to do anything and it should be free! Check out our various tutorials and blog posts for building apps.

Mobile Development

Not interested in learning to build apps? Let us do it for you! BA studios has 6+ months in app development and a growing portfolio with 1 app in full production already!


We are driven by values

We operate on a policy of integrity, honesty, hardwork and doing no wrong!

Jared is a BCaBA from Kalamazoo, MI. He started his career, not as a developer, but as a behavior analyst looking for a solution to a problem.
Jared Gibb, BCaBA
CEO, Developer

Let’s work together on your next web project

We can do anything from building your app for you to teaching you to build your own app via Zoom conference calls as well as creating tutorials all in  ThunkableX.